The finished product (after).
The hall closet disaster (before).

The Hall Closet Remodel

I don’t know about you but I always seem to have a closet or drawer in my house where I place things I don’t want to take the time to put in the correct place.  Well, my husband opened that closet the other day (our hall closet) and, by all appearances, seemed to have an emotional meltdown as he viewed the chaos that reigned.  In all honesty, the closet had been bugging me as well.  It smelled of dirty shoes which made my coats smell like dirty shoes and you couldn’t find anything within its dark recesses.  So, I got to work straight away…on Pintrest, looking for ideas on how to organize my black hole in a stylish manner.   As usual the inspiration posted by others left me feeling lacking but I cobbled together a few ideas and made them work for our hall closet.  First, I pulled out the closet rod and cleaned the walls and floor. Because I was remodeling our hall closet on a budget I used the paint we had left in our garage from painting the house.   If I had had my way the entire closet would have been sparkly turquoise.  So I painted the closet in a very neutral color called Sandstone (gray/tan).   Originally I wanted to build another shelf above the existing shelf but while on a frequent trip to Target I came across these baskets and they fit the space perfectly.  I also bought a small jar of turquoise paint and a bag of glitter to add to it at Target.  I used the sparkly turquoise paint to paint the wooden support for the shelf and then added 10 coat hooks on the support instead of putting the                                                                   closet rod back into the closet.  To finish it all off I bought a 2-row shoe shelf at the store, At Home.  The final product with the coat hooks works so much for                                                                         better for our family and all of our bags and my husband isn’t yelling and throwing stuff out of the closet anymore.  I’d say it was a win.